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3 tips on dealing with matric stress

St Peter’s College education psychologist Laila Jeebodh-Desai has given candidates some tips on dealing with matric stress.  Try these three steps to create a positive and powerful response to your exam anxiety: Stage 1: AcceptanceTry not to fight the fact that exams are around the corner, and will be a

Matric Study Tips

The upside is that in being tested this way, you have the opportunity to discover new and deeper aspects of your strength and resilience. You can think of the experience as being on a ‘Hero’s Journey’ where you want to be facing challenges with all your wits about you, so

Real success stories and methods from past matriculants


Tips for Teachers

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Tips for Supporting Our 2020 Matrics!

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Tips for Learners for Active Viewing

WOZA Matrics 2020 Catchup Video

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