WOZA Matrics 2021

The Woza Matrics 2021 Catch Up Campaign is a remote learning support programme aimed at the Class of 2021 matriculants. It seeks to provide catch up on curriculum learning, Grade 11 and matric revision, as well as exam preparation. It is brought to you by the Department of Basic Education (DBE), in partnership with the National Education Collaboration Trust (NECT) and the Education Training and Development Practices SETA (ETDP SETA).

The Woza Matrics 2021 Catch Up Campaign offers crucial CAPS-aligned content to Grade 12 learners, including Second Chance matric learners. This content can be accessed via TV, as well as via multiple digital and non-digital platforms. Non-digital platforms include the print media, free-to-air educational TV broadcasts, community radio programmes. Digital platforms include Matric Live, Virtual Educator-Led Learning Experiences and Teacher Connect.

The Campaign complements a range of other matric education recovery and support initiatives, supported by the DBE. The Woza Matrics 2021 Catch Up Campaign sets out to connects with other remote and digital matric support programmes across South Africa.

A key component of the campaign is the delivery of TV programmes on SABC1, DStv Catch Up, DBEtv Channel 122 on Openview and ShowMax in 10 key subjects to support the Class of 2021 in their exam preparation.

Learning material will be delivered across all channels, Mondays and Thursdays 23h00 to 00h00, Saturdays 06h00 to 10h00 and Sundays 07h00 to 08h00. On OpenView Channel 122 and DStv you can view material from 1 April 2021 to 15 December 2021, and on SABC 1 from 1 May 2021 to 15 December 2021.



WOZA Matrics offers revision in

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